When it comes to the youth of our country, one car category suits them the best. Of course, we are talking about hatchbacks. From their affordability to their slick style, there are many reasons why hatchbacks are the go-to choice for young individuals ready to make a mark on the world around them. Because of this, we must discuss why hatchbacks are so popular, before diving into a few popular models flying out of our showrooms.

Why a Hatchback Is Right for You

Starting with affordability, it makes sense why young drivers choose cars that are cheaper than SUVs and bakkies. If you are just beginning your working career or are still busy studying, an affordable hatchback is the smart choice.

However, there are many more reasons to choose a hatchback. For one, the compact size of these vehicles makes them easy to manoeuvre in urban areas. Additionally, hatchbacks often offer a youthful style that can be quite customisable both inside and out. Finally, perhaps the most important point, many hatchbacks are more fuel-efficient, a vital factor within the ever-fluctuating economy of South Africa.

Choosing the Perfect Hatchback

When it comes to new hatchbacks, the young people of South Africa are spoilt for choice. Here are a few phenomenal hatchbacks that any person would be lucky to own.

1. VW Polo Vivo
Practically a South African icon at this point, the Polo Vivo has a starting price of R259 400. This well-rounded hatchback is extremely popular for a variety of reasons. Reliability, style and a range of technology features combine with a reputable brand name to deliver a car that young people adore.

2. Suzuki Swift
Embodying the spirit of youthfulness, the entry-level Suzuki Swift costs R205 900. For first-time owners looking for an exhilarating driving experience, this might be the perfect option. Impressive fuel efficiency, agile handling and a sporty design are just a few things that can be expected with this hatchback.

Learn more about the Suzuki Swift: https://www.hatfieldgroup.co.za/new-suzuki-models
3. Renault Kwid
Affordable yet practical, young individuals can own a Renault Kwid for R192 999. There are many reasons to buy this hatchback including its notable ground clearance, compact dimensions and practical design. As a bonus, its adaptive build allows the Kwid to be quite confident on the occasional off-road adventure.

Learn more about the Renault Kwid: https://www.hatfieldgroup.co.za/new-renault-models 

4. Suzuki Celerio
Even cheaper than the extremely affordable Swift, pricing for the Suzuki Celerio starts at R188 900. For those searching for a hatchback that focuses on the basics, the straightforward design and simple interior of the Celerio provide young drivers with a reliable motoring experience.

Learn more about the Suzuki Celerio: https://www.hatfieldgroup.co.za/new-suzuki-models 

5. Mazda2
Although many of the hatchbacks on this list prioritise affordability, the Mazda2 offers a more premium option starting from R307 100. Combining elegance, sophistication and safety, this car is guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go. A mature choice that doesn’t sacrifice the youthful spirit, the Mazda2 is certainly an attractive hatchback for young drivers.

Start Your Hatchback Journey

When it comes to hatchbacks for young people in South Africa, the Hatfield Motor Group are the experts that you have been searching for. Discover our wide range of options today by getting in touch with our dealerships. Enter a new world of style with our excellent hatchback cars.