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Questions and Answers

On the VGV contract, is the customer required to hand the car back in at the end of the Term?



No. The customer has 3 choices: Hand the car back or refinance the car or trade-in the car for a new one.



Can a customer who does as much as 30 000km per year also qualify to finance on a VGV contract?



Yes. The customer can choose between 20 000 / 25 000 / 30 000km per year.



Customers often object to VGV as they want ownership of the vehicle.How do I respond to this objection.



Most customers select 72 month contracts and therefore only move to a positive equity position after month 39 (they therefore still owe more on the car than it is actually worth - thereby owning nothing!). By opting for the VGV they are guaranteed of getting out of their car and can thus get into a new car sooner. They also pay less per month compared to a conventional 72 month contract.