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Standard Wheel Alignment @ R326.40 incl VAT

Alignment refers to the position of the wheels of the vehicle relative to each other and the ground. Why is proper wheel alignment so important? In the long run, it will prolong the life of your car, and save you money...read more



Wheel alignment and balance @ R578.40 incl VAT

Proper wheel alignment improves your vehicle’s handling, and can increase the performance and longevity of your tyres. Improper alignment will cause the steering wheel to constantly pull to one side, affect vehicle handling, strain the engine and impact fuel efficiency...read more



Hatfield Commercial Vehicles Aftersales Service

At Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, we believe our journey with you really begins the moment your Commercial Vehicle leaves the Dealership. In order to keep your travels smooth and hassle-free, we offer a wide range of After Sales Services.

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**Please take into consideration that festive seasons or holidays may affect the lead times for service bookings.